The creators of Verydice have a new app out now called Boredwalk. Available on both Iphone and Android.

Boredwalk is an app where you play carnival games like skeeball and whack-a-mole. You win tickets, and then use those tickets to redeem real prizes that can be found on amazon. You can also earn more chances to play games by completing offers, doing surveys and watching videos.

Referral code: 108896 https://imgur.com/a/yHSId (go to "connect" at the bottom and enter the code there)

Non referral: boredwalk app on android or iphone

I also haven't seen Verydice mentioned on beermoney in a long time. Verydice is similar to boredwalk since both apps are created by the same company. The difference is that verydice is purely luck based where as boredwalk has skill involved.

With verydice, you roll dice and earn tickets which you can redeem for real prizes. You can also earn more rolls by watching videos, completing offers and doing surveys. Even if you're unable to complete a survey, you will still be awarded at least one roll for your time.

I wasn't that interested in Verydice at first, because I saw the prizes that you were able to redeem and I didn't really like any of them... BUT then I found out that you can use the search tab and search for anything that is available on amazon, it will show up and you can save it to your favorites.

Referral code: 1756033 https://imgur.com/a/IQdWJ (go to the second icon at the bottom and enter the code there)

Non referral: verydice app on android or iphone

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any questions.

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licoricegirl 2 years ago

Used OP's code. Heres mine for a train: Here's my invite code 135212 https://31oq.app.link/HOMatwXO4M

gloomduckie 2 years ago

Thanks for the heads up :) No worries <3

Xitir 2 years ago

Just a heads up, your name and profile picture come up when people enter your ref code on case you're worried about anonymity

Lauster123 2 years ago

I just signed up for both, using your codes Gloomie, guess I'll give 'em a roll!

gloomduckie 2 years ago

Use the search bar on both apps and you can find anything that's sold on amazon. The more specific you are with your search words the better.

gloomduckie 2 years ago

I noticed that too and it does suck, however, it's much easier to win tickets on boredwalk than verydice so it adds up quicker.

-myBIGD 2 years ago

What kind of prizes can one win?

chessyang 2 years ago

Verydice is a neat app. I'll usually find something on amazon and redeem my tickets for it. Well that's if it's cheap.

roads30 2 years ago

while very dice is luck/casino gimmick based. the one difference i noticed a few month's ago when this app came out is the bloated reward prices.

Goldeneye0242 2 years ago

The games on here are actually quite fun. Not a huge earner but fun to kill time.

gloomduckie 2 years ago

Also, I forgot to add that on both apps you get to spin a wheel every day that will give you free plays (rolls on verydice and coins on boredwalk). So even if you don't feel like doing surveys or watching videos, you will still be guaranteed to get a little something every day by spinning the wheel.

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