Teacher looking to work online for the summer.

I'm a high school English teacher looking to make some extra money this summer and I was wondering what options I have in terms of online work. Thanks!

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UnderTheSprinklers 2 years ago

Can recommend you check out DadaAbc

keshahunt 2 years ago

You can search Youtube and Google and see what turns up, there are jobs you can do from home and there are networking marketing types of companies you can join and work your own hours in your spare time but you will have to learn how to market your business so pick a company that provides training to help you get better results

Husky91110 2 years ago

You can check our our company - Beijing Waijiaoyi Education We were formed 2 years ago and right now have over 300 teachers working for us. The salary per hour is 15$-25$ depending on your prior experience or your teaching sense. Check out our websites www.waijiaoyi.com www.hioffer.com You can apply on this link http://t.waijiaoyi.com/apply-95.html Note - am a full time marketing agent at the company, so i don't make money out of individual referential link, my job is to promote the company and try to expand our teachers team.

destatihearts 2 years ago

I recruit for an online teaching company! We are hiring, pay is between $22.50-25.50 per hour. No degree required, but you must be Canadian or American! PM me for details. :)

toodleoo77 2 years ago

VIPKID! https://www.vipkidteachers.com/

palebluewall 2 years ago

Ive worked for ETS since 2005! Its the perfect hourly job for a teacher looking for extra work during the summer. The shifts are either 4 or 8 hours and you choose when/how much you want to work. The work itself is easy. Training is paid, and depending on the program, pay ranges from $11-$23/hour.

[deleted] 2 years ago

Since you're an English teacher, you could always try transcribing for rev.

Stronglike8ull2 2 years ago

Im currently working for an Appen project. Its all online and 30 hours a week, $10 an hour. Downsides are it took 5 months from the time I signed up to when I was offered a job and it only pays once a month

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