Teach English without a bachelor's?

Wondering if there are any online jobs that let you teach English without needing a bachelor's degree. I find this rule so silly. I have a 2 year college diploma and although I didn't major in English, I have strong English skills. Any tips?

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Big_girl_panties 2 years ago

I know that DaDa hires people without a bachelors degree if they have relevant experience. They officially say that they dont - but when they need teachers they relax that rule.

HelloMyNameIsAmanda 2 years ago

Sometimes the requirements the companies state arent firm. Id say go ahead and apply for any that interest you. They usually weed people out for not meeting their current lowest requirements at the first stage, so you wont have lost much time if they turn you down. You can also often overcome lack of a degree with experience working with kids or an tefl cert. For working online, Ive heard people say that even the cheap Groupon online-only cert is considered acceptable by many companies. So getting one of those and making sure you note ANY experience with kids at all (baby sitting, Sunday school teaching, tutoring, anything) will help your chances regardless of not having a bachelors.

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