Teach English online, from home, for $20-25 an hour!

If you're interested in teaching from home, I recommend trying out VIPKID. You teach Chinese students from Beijing, for 25 minutes at a time, and can earn anywhere from $9-13(maybe more, I'm not sure) per lesson (25 minutes).

The requirements that you'd need are a bachelors degree in anything (not just teaching) and be a Native English speaker from North America and you do not need to know any Chinese. You can work from anywhere in the world.

I've been teaching with VIPKID for just over a month, and already I have a good base of 3-4 students who consistently book me, sometimes weekly and sometimes daily. I am a full time teacher outside of VIPKID, so my schedule is pretty tight, although I still manage to fit about 7 classes in a week. This is nothing compared to what I know some other teachers are working!

Due to the time difference in Beijing for me as I am in the Eastern Time Zone (+13 hours) the peak time for me to work is Mon-Sun 6am-730am, and Friday/Saturday evenings. I know some teachers who do this as a full time job teach through the night on weekends.

If you have any questions please ask! I have really been enjoying it as a side job, and it definitely helps getting a bit of pocket money every month :) Good luck!!

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highheeledqueen 1 year ago

Hi Guys What's the best time to apply to VIP kids. I'm looking for a 40 hour/week gig.

origombie 1 year ago

Yes. The hours would require you to stay up late sometimes but you could definitely do it full time.

chezchatons 1 year ago

And you know teachers doing this FT? I have an MA in English but I don't use it and I'm looking for something I can do st home instead.

origombie 1 year ago

I do not believe so.. you do need to submit a copy of your degree.

Countryangel707 1 year ago

Will they hire someone currently in college? I'm an education major.

origombie 1 year ago

The experience is fine, I'm not sure about the online degree but I believe it should be fine. They're quite willing to hire new teachers so I would definitely give it a go!

origombie 1 year ago

It should not be a problem. Do you have a North American passport? They do ask that you upload a photo of the passport.

teddy-boi 1 year ago

I think DadaABC (similar company) is more flexible about having a degree, especially with relevant experience! EDIT: Okay turns out this is COMPLETELY wrong but there are definitely ESL companies out there that you don't need a degree for. Check out this list and search the sub.

kitten_mitt3n5 1 year ago

How flexible are they on the north American rule? I've lived in us almost all my life but was born in Moldova. Is that a problem?

dollarworker333 1 year ago

I have an online bachelors degree in Education with one year tutoring experience. Is that sufficient?

origombie 1 year ago

Not in the interview stages. For some of the classes with the younger students you may have to sing a simple hello/goodbye song.

reddit_amnesia 1 year ago

Is any singing required?

origombie 1 year ago

It's anything in a teaching capacity.. babysitting, tutoring, coaching, etc.

Yanamarie 1 year ago

I thought you needed some experience in teaching to be able to do this?

origombie 1 year ago

I know! I find it a bit silly as well. They should look at experience.

vinilou 1 year ago

DaDaABC Hey there! I've applied for DaDaABC. I'm brazilian, haven't got a degree related to teaching or languages (I'm bachelor in international relations), but I've been working with Chinese people for around 7 years as an international purchaser and seller, so I wonder if they will accept my application. I'll keep you guys informed whenever they answer my attempt.

tellMyBossHesWrong 1 year ago

requirements that you'd need are a bachelors degree in anything I always find this funny. You can have a degree in underwater basket-weaving, and that's fine, but my many years working for MSFT mean nothing.

Becca-Reyna 1 year ago

... So being English isn't enough of a qualification to teach English?

5-EVER 1 year ago

they also consider babysitting and homeschooling etc as experience

5-EVER 1 year ago

yeah they aren't flexible about the degree requirement at all, unfortunately. :/

TheJasonRoss 1 year ago

I know someone who would be great for this but they don't have a degree, do they have basically no chance?

Every_Geth 1 year ago

Dammit OP that North American thing is huge. Should be in the post title.

PhnomPenny 1 year ago

I read that as: 'being human'

diab64 1 year ago

It also says that a requirement is to have "One year of experience doing any kind of teaching, tutoring, mentoring, coaching, or counselling".

origombie 1 year ago

Great point, thank you!

5-EVER 1 year ago

yes, you must upload a copy of it

origombie 1 year ago

Not at all! The child is expected to only speak English.

vyplac 1 year ago

Do you need to speak chinese?

origombie 1 year ago

I do believe the require a copy of your degree for the application. I know I uploaded one but I can't remember if it was a requirement or not.

luisungido 1 year ago

IS it a Must to have a bachelors degree ? Do they actually verify the authenticy of your bachelors degree or you just fill out some form declaring that ?

origombie 1 year ago

No problem!! If you do decide to sign up just let me know if you have any questions about the interview process! Good luck!! It's a fun job :)

elsiecara 1 year ago

Thanks for this!

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