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Do you need a TEFL certificate to teach for most of the companies people have been talking about? If so, are the free ones acceptable? Any recommendations? I have a teaching degree but not in ESL.

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Amairch 2 years ago

A teaching degree is a much higher barrier to entry than a TESL certificate.

Amairch 2 years ago

If you have no experience then a certificate will help you get some of the better paying jobs. But yeah, it doesnt matter where you get it from. Edit: I havent seen any free ones online (usually the course is free to view but you have to pay to get the certificate) but there are a bunch under $100 and Ive heard of some Groupon deals offered for as little as $5.

EfficientCaptain 2 years ago

Just a teaching degree is usually enough. I would recommend DadaABC. I love working for them. I do 19 hrs. a week. Here is a link if your interested. https://www.dadaabc.com/teacher/job/t4H9e7l7Q605 (referral) https://www.dadaabc.com/teacher/job/ (non referral)

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