Swagbucks TV isn't all that passive anymore?

when I first started Swagbucks TV and on all of their mobile apps i could just favorite a 20-30 second video and loop my favorites list. Now I'm trying to get back into beermoney and I realize that none of the apps have a favorites list, and it autoplays 1-2 minute videos from the main page so I have to manually click replay on the 20 second video, aswell as now they give significantly less swagbucks per video completions.

I haven't seen any threads about this but i was wondering if it is even worth still using these apps if it takes 4-5 hours to finish up the daily minimum of earning from each of the 6 video apps and it's not even passive anymore??

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Crazybarb 2 years ago

You can make a favorites list on every single app still. Instead of sliding sideways, just hold down on that video (if that i what you are asking). On most apps, I just have one video. As to what the shortest ones are, there are a couple discssions on SB right now. I can tell you that antime you have a "ten second" option, like in the garden section of the SB app, that will be it.Most of my videos are closer to the fifteen second video. I dont play anything from the main page. I do rn my videos whle watching tv, or in my case quilting or sewing or doing other things because of the x outs that are sometimes reqired but it doesnt take me five hour to go through all six videos.

zarraza2k 2 years ago

this might be version specific - what version(s) are you using?

LeeSingahh 2 years ago

really? the lowest denomination to redeem paypal is at 25 bucks ,, id be so impatient to wait that long but more power to you

justlegit 2 years ago

It's never been all that passive for me. There always seems to be some ad you have to X out of or the screen will just go black and you have to restart it. I still like that you can redeem for PayPal without paying more for it like some of the other apps.

dcross9999 2 years ago

It's still been worth it for me to run them, especially if the bonus rounds are going strong. Some of my apps still allow me to have a favorite, but that does seem to be going away. Still worth it for me, but you'll have to make that call yourself

sbthrowaway2223 2 years ago

Ya, the apps have been getting worse and worse. Some older versions of the apps still work for now, but the newer version are pretty annoying.

asas63 2 years ago

Short answer, yes. Long answer yeeeeeeeeeesss.

randompurring 2 years ago

I still have a favorites list on MovieCli.ps, SBTV, and Lifestylz. My other apps totally take up more time though.

fjleon 2 years ago

the passive of the app depends on the ads / region. sadly, it's still the better earning per device right now. viggle will earn you more but only if you have lots of devices (3-5 devices), while swagbucks is capped per day to 10 cents per app for a total of 70, plus some bonuses. checkpoints (at least on ios) isn't crediting, so I don't know of another option

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