Swagbucks, Ebates, Honey? What are the good ones I'm missing?

I'm big on the reward programs. I have a big purchase at Home Depot I have to make in the new few hours here and I don't know what to use, Swagbucks hasn't been working 100% for me with their shop and earn. Ebates and Honey isn't offering anything for Home Depot either. Anyway have any input? Would hate to loose any cashback on this big purchase.

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Cploesch 2 years ago

Looking at the date on your post in sure you made your purchase already. So for others, a family member said they went on eBay and bought a 20% off coupon (I think. it was either 20 or 30) for Lowe's very recently when they got new windows for this house. Said they saved hundreds by buying a $0.99 coupon on eBay. I would assume if there are coupons like that for HD you would be able to do it too. Just an idea.

louiee12345 2 years ago

Drop works wonders for regular everyday purchases from stores that you may go to such as walmart, starbucks, etc. if you do sign up use my code ao231

itzTHATgai 2 years ago

They also have some insane 'secret' promos. The last one was 30% CB at Walmart. They will send you an email if you are eligible for the specific offer. Problem is, you have to wait months to get a payout.

yourfavoritewife 2 years ago

There's a Chrome extension called Cashback Watch that will tell you which program offers the most for whatever retailer you choose.

catcher_in_the_wry 2 years ago

Cashbackmonitor.com will compare the different cash back portals for you

reddittherabit 2 years ago

www.topcashback.com https://www.topcashback.com/ref/ssmith97 it look like right now they are doing 8 percent cash back at home depot. They pay better then ebate.com. They pay out in many ways.

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