Statistics for your trading account.

Any suggestions in terms of sites with cumulative statistic(including everything you can think about) are welcomed. Free are preferable.

Currently using mql5.com and myfxbook.com but the first one gives me small offset of my actual performance and some of the details are strange. The second one is good on the details, but overall performance suggesting some extreme values which if true I have to billionaire.

Thanks in advance!

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panaka09 2 years ago

Forexfactory.com That looks promising! Thank you!

panaka09 2 years ago

Nah. I don't use MT4 but thanks.

southofearth 2 years ago

I just export the spreadsheet directly from the activity page (on MT4) at the end of each month

ReciprocativeKeg 2 years ago


panaka09 2 years ago

I do have google sheets and it works well thats the way I found the discrepancies between my data and mql5. Just needed something more solid.

shagdidz 2 years ago

Build your own using Google sheets or excel, then you can choose which criteria is most important. I've found the more I'm willing to do these tedious things to completion the more my progress comes along. It will also help you understand what's critical before opening a trade and keep you from making "rookie mistakes". If you aren't willing to put in the leg work, give your money to a bank and have them work it for you because this isn't for you.

enivid 2 years ago

You can google forex report analysis tool to get decent free analyzers.

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