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Hi everyone, I am building a cool website app that I hope will revolutionize how we all will work one day. The idea behind my app is simple it is like Uber but for restaurants, people doing odd jobs at home and for construction workers. You post a job and people apply for it. You can see which workers are available for the job and contact them for it.

I am building the web app right now and reached the stage where i can post jobs in a category view, see individual jobs and etc. However it is a large project and i need help to make it happen. The help i need is business advice and technology advice. Any ideas?

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MEB389 2 years ago

Shoot me a message, I'll see what I can do for you.

sebeckmas 2 years ago

Stop building, start selling. You've got a two sided marketplace and you need to prove the need. To do this, you need to get hyper focused and hyper local. You need to find which one of the two sides of your marketplace you need in place first - the people looking for work, or the people looking to do the work? You need to focus on one of these three industries (restaurants, home, construction) as they all have different needs (source: I've invested in seperate startups that are micro job platforms that focus only on the hospitality industry, home odd job industry and construction industry) You need to focus on a hyper local area; for restaurants, it might be a tourist precinct, for homes, it might be villages for the elderly near by to where you live, for construction it could be mining. Read up on how the now big TSM plays started; IIRC Tinder kicked off by focusing on university students and got girls on the platform first for the guys to search for. There's heaps of stuff published about how these big plays got their "first break" but it comes down to being hyper local and hyper focused.

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