Starting your ideal business or do the simplest profitable thing?

sphere of blog posts and managed to land an eBook gig. Made a $1000, and up for $400 more, but I ended up canceling it because I got cold feet and didn't enjoy the process. (Feeling like a fake, etc, slacking off on quality)

My mind is always set on making a small Software tool or an app, so I went back to being an employee to learn that skill set and project management skills to pursue that route. (Collaborating with others on a software project is fun for me)

Though I wonder what is the general consensus here on bootstrapping.

Is it better to pursue something that starts making revenue so you learn to think like a business owner first?

Or is it better to focus on making what you can stick to your business? Even if you neglect business ski

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Swayt 2 years ago

Yeah, I'm working on personality faults that caused the first failure in my current job. I think the grit is important in jobs (gunning for higher positons) and self employment, so just seeking advice on things to focus on to eventually test my mettle again in the future. Do more successful small business owners extract motivation from the income growth? Pleasure in the process? Or other factors.

dontsettleforaverage 2 years ago

Yeah nothing is easy OP. Find something you really enjoy doing :)

Zazenp 2 years ago

This is an odd question. If youre having a hard time staying motivated, then the best course of action is to look at job postings and just find a job. Being self-employed is significantly more difficult and requires a LOT more grit than being employed. If you dont have it, even when money is staring you in the face, then Id say self-employment is something youll struggle with. Its not your businesss job to keep you interested and motivated. Its yours.

Swayt 2 years ago

I guess it's a self discover process of sorts. The business books I'm reading are more to develop some more grit, risk tolerance, and maintaining higher standards. It's a little bit of a longer trek than the process of jumping in, starting something and hoping for the best. I'm just hoping it'll be the good path when I find that niche.

particlelaunch 2 years ago

Nothing is "easy". Plot out all of your ideas and pick the one that you won't hate to do all the time forever. I find reading some business books are great at helping cement or tear down some ideas. Good luck!

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