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A little pretext - I am a non UAE resident born and lived my entire life in Dubai (apart from Undergrad in the US).

My family has a reasonable family business in Dubai and I've been working there for the past 3 years supporting my Dad as he gets older and closer to retirement.

For some time, I've been itching to start and operate my own business. I am blessed to have my family and father's financial support, advise and access to our resources in Dubai.

Now, I've always enjoyed trading and arbitrage (from a young age, I used to get things like candy or cheap gimicky watches and sell em for a healthy profit to kids in 1st and 4th grade.

With that in mind, I want to dip my toes in trading, perhaps importing things from China/other low cost countries and sell them through online mediums targeting the MENA region.

As I think this sub is a better indicator of the real UAE/Dubai sentiment than other official sources, there are a few questions I would love to hear from you guys about! Besides the below questons and words of advice/comments or suggestions of how bad of an idea this is are also appreciated!


tl;dr Looking for some guidance/help answering the below questions regarding starting a new e-commerce business.

  1. Is there any particular niche that is not well represented in any online e-commerce platform?
  2. How likely are you to use Souq over any other less known but still safe online e-commerce platform?
  3. What is your favorite/preferred online platform for online shopping?
  4. Do you prefer Cash on Delivery or pay by Credit Card, especially if there is an additional cost for the COD option?
  5. Which class of products do you prefer to purchase online?
  6. Which class of products would you NEVER purchase online?
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B2BDocumentClearing 1 year ago

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[deleted] 1 year ago

No but seriously 1) Sports Clothing/Accessories (i.e. weight lifting gear) and Computer Components. Sports stuff because its all terrible or expensive useless brands. I mean a Nike weight lifting belt is just an insult. 2) Surprisingly, I've been using Amazon.com/co.uk alot recently. Yes its the same company, but, atleast its got actual good stuff on it. 3) As above 4) Credit Card. Not being a stick in the mud but I'd rather not hand over something like 5000 dhirams to a delivery boy. Also Credit Card = Points/ Cashback so theres that 5) Electronics and Food 6) Hygiene/Health/Toiletries (esp. aftershave... heard horror stories about knock offs)

Kogorashi 1 year ago

I'll give my feedback from the customer perspective: No feedback from me in this case; I'd be willing to use other platforms as long as prices are lower, to be honest. That's why I sometimes use NOON. I love their presentation and prices (at least for the items I got there) were cheaper than soul's; I even use desert cart for the items I cannot find here. Also, its important to have a nice, clear website; Out of the local ones - you will be surprised, but Desertcart. They help me get items available in US. Yes, prices are higher, but they do good job with delivery times. For small purchases - they are great. For something like laptop, mobile phone, etc. - not. Both options are fine. Although I always pay by credit card; Electronics, accessories, home appliances; Clothes and shoes. I prefer to check the fit and get everything in the shop; Hope that helps you somehow. Make sure to inform everyone once you lunch your platform. Make it unique!

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