Sometimes I feel that the on page seo is dead. Beacuse The title & meta description can't Impact on SERP. What is your opinion guys?

Sometimes I feel that the on page seo is dead. Beacuse The title & meta description can't Impact on SERP. What is your opinion guys? Does on-page is matter for serp? (Keyword add in title & Meta Desc...is good or bad?)

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Mattypantaloons 2 years ago

LSI, huh...

jlmetro 2 years ago

"...on page seo is dead...title & meta description can't Impact on SERP..." I disagree, I have had clients add a phrase, their actual niche for example, and they ranked in days if not hours for that term.

Spartangreen5102 2 years ago

Underestimate on page at your own risk. Once you have a complete understanding of technical SEO and see its immediate impact once appropriately implemented you wont ask this question anymore. Luckily most seo experts have little clue about this (more likely just too lazy), which leads to more opportunities for those who do

TuffRivers 2 years ago

anything competitive will take a lot of work. But niche stuff you can still rank well with on page.

johnmu 2 years ago

Good titles & descriptions are some of the easiest wins you can get on webpages. We did a round of site-reviews for some NPOs recently, and the number one item that came up for almost all of them was that what they cared about wasn't front & center on their pages, and reflected in their meta-data. How are search engines supposed to guess what you want your pages to rank for?

SEOPub 2 years ago

No worthwhile search engine has used meta descriptions for rankings in about 15 years. Not sure who you have been learning SEO from, but they clearly have no idea what they are doing if they led you to believe that your meta description is important. You know what you should do with your meta description? Leave it blank. Let Google pick it. They will pick a snippet from your content that they feel best matches the search query, and they are pretty good at it.

lonewolf-chicago 2 years ago

Come on man... ON-Page as a whole including Title, Meta Descriptions, H1 congruence, ALT tags, Image file names, page content, sub headers (h2), internal linking with good anchor text... 10X content is all there is.. It is like Chicken Stock - The base of almost all soups including tomato soup (just made some this weekend, BTW). Try getting links to your site without on page content.... impossible. Begin with that base, then you can get links, tweet and share your content and others will reshare and link to it... paid ads will cause more visitors and people will link to it. etc If what YOU said was true, make a FLASH page or a page made from an GIF or JPG appear on Google's first page with little or no Title and meta description. Just get links to it. I'll give you a month... go.

NHRADeuce 2 years ago

Even if that was the case (it's not) the title and description are what will get your listings clicks. Good titles and descriptions will increase your CTR, which is the goal once you rank for something.

theeastcoastwest 2 years ago

Its all good practice, and should be done, but in my experience; on-page SEO has much less impact than it used to. Trying to rank a single page for a competitive keyword takes good content and solid backlinks. That said, nailing on page will only give you an advantage. Now, for large scale sites with thousands, or hundreds of thousands of pages, I'd make the argument that onpage is going to have a greater overall impact than anything else, including links. Implementing proper schema and directing the flow of pagerank well on large scale ecomm-type sites is going to have a greater impact than getting a handful of backlinks to some awesome post. For local SEO, things like proper NAP display can have tremendous impact as well. All things considered, on page is very much alive and well but when it comes to ranking single pages there seems to be a tremendous bias towards backlinks and content now. I guess what I'm saying is that everything is important, and that falling into the trap of believing you can ignore certain areas of SEO, while still being successful, can be dangerous.

Shilpa_Opencodez 2 years ago

Following...comments plz !

SEO_Mandaue 2 years ago

You can't say that man. I am a pure on-page SEO guy. I can rank even without stressing myself on link building(tho it needs to build links esp. on super competitive niche). Here's the concept. Having a Good UX/UI and readable content proper content in the keywords using LSI or so = easy for SEO

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