Some interesting sites I check when Im bored of surveys.


Data entry work. Pays pretty good. https://i.imgur.com/XftH22E.png


More data entry work.


Find bugs in software, the more you find, the more you get paid.

Rapidworkers.com, Microworkers.com, Picoworkers.com

Sites to complete small tasks on.


Very nice site if you have any kind of skill related to webdesign.

beermoneyforum marketplace-nonref and forumcoin

Get paid to post on forums. Hope these help a bit. Most of these sites are working worldwide as far as I know.

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nater255 2 years ago

What was the pay per unit of work on leapforce? What did it come out to in $/hour?

joris 2 years ago

Only the first two. That is because you are doing a job, and some tasks pay hourly so they want to make sure you are dedicated to work.

joris 2 years ago

Scale api provides the jobs to the sites. https://www.scaleapi.com/ They source the jobs, sell them to sites such as remotasks, and remotasks utilizes the API in their website to give ya the jobs.

sfora17 2 years ago

Do these sites all require resumes? Mine isn't easily accessible right now and don't feel like typing up one from scratch. I only checked out Leapforce so far.

joris 2 years ago

Pretty hard you have to treat it like a job, but if you pay attention you can do it. It is data entry so everyone who has a bit of patience can do it.

joris 2 years ago

Leapforce and the microwork sites like microworker for sure. The forums are a nice second because they are not so fixated on grammar such as postloop.

Gizmoiscute 2 years ago

For Remotasks.com how would you rate them on the scale of pay and consistency of work available? Thanks for the list, I checked out leapforce , due to your screen shot of payments and one job is available. I have been slacking on getting a resume completed because most of my work experience was great jobs from when I was younger, then I moved further down the state I am in and the only jobs I have worked in are gas stations and janitorial. Also some gaps when having 2 kids and my Husband being able to support us when that was possible with a factory job. Will get back to Leapforce when I have a resume set up, just do not think I will be a match with much. So am curious about remotasks,com, this seems like similar tasks that are available on mturk, which is really lacking work right now. Thanks!

artistic9 2 years ago

What is the name of the jobs on Leapforce that involve data entry work?

whichonepickone 2 years ago

How do you get paid through peopleperhour.com? And how do the bids aspect work? Thanks for the post, some sites I haven't seen before/in a while.

Nalim7777 2 years ago

whats the forum and picoworkers is bad

Nalim7777 2 years ago

how is rapid

nd130903 2 years ago

i dont think ive tried rapid workers, i know i have an account there but i never got into it. how do you like that one compared to microworkers. as of right now microworkers is my number two site for microtasks.

ChaosZeroX 2 years ago

How difficult is the exam for leap force

Smooth_Red 2 years ago

Which one here would you say pays best for non-US users

joris 2 years ago

Leapforce is the best earner but also comes the closest to a real job. Test.io around 20 a week. Microwork sites around 50 but I check back every hour for easy tasks. The forums no real estimate because I use those to relax from all the clicking and typing but that's like a cent for every post. Really not much but it adds up in the end and they pay to paypal.

justlegit 2 years ago

How much can you usually make a month on those small task sites? I know it can vary a lot, but what would be a conservative estimate?

joris 2 years ago

Varies. Usually a couple bucks a hour. Depends on the tasks too.

roads30 2 years ago

how's the payment situation with remo?

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