So when will you pull the plug on Facebook for business?

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bokehmon22 3 years ago

Not yet but I've been diversifying my lead generators so I'm not hostage to any platform.

NIxonPRIME 3 years ago

Rather the people who knee jerk react and delete their accounts be off the platform than spend targetted ads towards them and lose out anyways. More engaged users = more engaged audiences

Peteyisthebest 3 years ago

Not now, as others leave, it opens up more opportunities for marketing. Facebook will come in and make changes to fix some of the privacy issues soon enough. Besides, when we speak Facebook, there's also Instagram, Whatsapp...

ilikelotsathings 3 years ago

When Im so rich that I can afford sabotaging my own business.

Where_Da_Party_At 3 years ago

For me, its alive and well. Social media plays a huge role in my business because I modeled it that way. It just takes time. Dont let all this privacy concern and data breach happenings destroy the drive to take advantage of all the free tools out there.

Qarbu 3 years ago

Audience is very much still there, cant see that changing quickly

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