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3 small cellphone repair kiosks and I’m having trouble coming up on google at all. I do currently have all 3 stores verified the oldest one being 10month and the others 4 months and a few days. No matter what I do if I type phone repair near me nothing comes up.

I would love any advice possible as of right now it breaks my heart to see customers go to the big franchise in the mall and pay $50 more than what we charge only to find out after that they got ripp

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seomarketingph 2 years ago

Create a Google My Business Pages for each of your business locations write everything that is needed for the business details like descriptions (services), availability, contact number and email address. Add images of your store ask your customers to submit their experience in transacting with your store.

Cellenial 2 years ago

What other work am I able to do

Cellenial 2 years ago

I have the google my pages set up and yelp Ill have to do the others

rankiza 2 years ago

As i understood your problem, you are trying to rank on Google Maps with three different locations. I would suggest your first build Citation with your Name, Phone number and address. Try to get a few reviews on your local business pages. You can do this by requesting your clients. If you have a website, link it with your local pages. it will take a little time but you will be on top in next few months. stay blessed

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