Single people of Dubai.

How many traits per passing of valentine day do you drop in your potential partner?

Bonus Question: What do you look for in your partner? How much different is it from your pre-Dubai stint?

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WodenScythius 2 years ago

If they're a shawarma, they're mine.

CompanionCone 2 years ago

Married 8 years with two kids here, we always exchange cards on Valentine's. It's cute and we make a game out of who can find the most cringe worthy card every year.

LoveisLife125 2 years ago

I wouldn't say the dating scene is tough out here though? takes a little longer but ya get there eventually

WilliamArcesilaus 2 years ago

If they love shawarma, they're mine.

WodenScythius 2 years ago

Too fugly and poor to date.

besabra 2 years ago

Whoever says yes!

Ginmac 2 years ago

There was never an option. York, Great way to meat people

ballisticbanana999 2 years ago

You know, it ain't easy being a single man in Dubai, unless you have serious cash. Having said that, there are loads of single people in Dubai in their late 20s/30s. In other parts of the world, 99 percent of people settled down years ago.

monk_mst 2 years ago

It wasn't a sex specific question.

dirksqjaw 2 years ago

The challenge I've found here is trying to find someone between a rando chavvy one night stand and someone looking to get hitched and procreate. Meh, York it is. Amiright boys???

iamrawman 2 years ago

How much different from your pre dubai stint? No brunchaholics ffs

DXB_DXB 2 years ago

Valid Emirates IDee and bassport validity 6 monthes.

[deleted] 2 years ago


Gunpoint_Rajah 2 years ago


llx94 2 years ago

I guess you have to differentiate between the dating life, and finding an actual partner.

paulgali 2 years ago

That's it? Aussies got no standards...

Delta4 2 years ago

What do you look for in your partner? From what I see in the UAE? A pulse

pinkyponk 2 years ago

Is it even that bad? I mean I'm married but when I go for drinks with colleagues after work to nice bars like the York, I always see lots of nice pretty ladies eyeing me up. Pretty sure if I was single I'd be OK.

yesmaamsir 2 years ago

Never understood the complaint about a tough dating scene in Dubai. There are plenty of single women out there and they are just as interested in dating as guys are.

pinkyponk 2 years ago

This is why you are still single.

xyccah 2 years ago

Can't have standards if partner doesn't exist.

APsauce 2 years ago

Couples that put stock in valentines day that are over the age of 18 are destined for failure. It's a made up day by a card company, it doesn't mean shit. Like wedding rings.

SeniorBeef 2 years ago

I personally don't get all too hung up about the 'alive' thing.

Grimmgoll 2 years ago

Given how tough the Dubai dating scene is for men, i think most only have three; Alive, Female, Aged 18-100

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