Simplest tool to track keyword ranking for my website?

New to this but is there a simple tool that will track the ranking of a group of keyword I specify?

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writingsince92 3 years ago

We use Authority Labs at my workplace!

Hansoftech 3 years ago

There many tools available for free. The most effective and useful tool are 1. SERPstat 2. SEMRUSH 3. Webconfs 4.SERPs rank checker tool.

Reddevil313 3 years ago

Thanks. I ended up going with them. They seem simple and they email me result which I like.

ErrorLoadingUsername 3 years ago

I use Semrush for keywors tracking.

shaun-m 3 years ago

I use SERPLap, crazy cheap and they have a free package that should be enough to get you started.

C0ffeeface 3 years ago

Serpstat is amazing

EmmaTimmurland 3 years ago

try Pro Rank Tracker, or RankTrackr

PPCInformer 3 years ago

Try some of these http://saijogeorge.com/best-marketing-tools/#rank-tracking

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