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Hi all,

First time posting here. I don’t know if this is just for the UK or worldwide but....

I’ve found this app called Shoppix (iOS and Android). It’s pretty much Receipt Hog but with more surveys.

You can get extra 200 coins if you use my referral code: 2IQZGX33

Non referral iOS

Non referral Android

Update: It appears that this is only UK.

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BlackCats31 1 year ago

To add, another receipt app is receipt pal. I've used this with receipt hog and can scan the same receipt on both apps. It's for iOS and Android as well.

jonflow 1 year ago

Can confirm it doesnt work in USA. iOS App Store told me its only available in the UK App Store

espressomg 1 year ago

Seems to be UK only. :/ not available in Canada at least.

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