Sign up and get 5 EZtokens free ($5 USD)

I've had a quick look at the site and it seems fairly harmless.

Signup and get 5 Eztokens which has value of $5 USD. When trading begins you may be able to exchange it for BTC or ETH and into something useful from there.

Like a lot of crypto sites that pop up, it may eventually disappear but nothing gained or lost, right? Just make sure you use a unique email+password (ie a secondary gmail account with "+" in the address works)

Site: https://ico.ezpos.io

Referral: https://ico.ezpos.io/register?r=re5fm7n4137Dfpenrtdf

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Coryh83 2 years ago

Disregard this reply. I was able to exchange to ETH and withdraw to my wallet. $10.55 profit. Thanks

Coryh83 2 years ago

So has anyone successfully gotten the 5 ezt out of the account. If so what did you do.

offbelmont_el 2 years ago

Wow this is worth $8.75 now.. If you come across anymore , please let me know!

pionreddit 2 years ago

Didn't get anything.

pionreddit 2 years ago

Used yours. Here's mine : https://ico.ezpos.io/register?r=b1kKr454s76LD334TXAM

drb00t 2 years ago

only gave $5 edit: also requires $40 minimum

Localhostcolonport 2 years ago

Used yours. Here's mine https://ico.ezpos.io/register?r=f89N33F4t55aj5m1Gof4

Bhaskar565 2 years ago

ICO that has been launched: Get free CCRB worth $10 (sign up bonus). Link: https://ccrb.io/affiliate/160959 You can instantly withdraw to your erc20 compatible eth wallet. If you don't have one, create here: www.myetherwallet.com

zebrum123 2 years ago

hope they are not another scam ico

Imakrazyfoo 2 years ago

Used yours, here's mine: https://ico.ezpos.io/register?r=e2W54z613cs005l275HU

crypto-nutz 2 years ago

Used OP's referral. Here's mine: https://ico.ezpos.io/register?r=Ji3d5bE945peYu8B3G2s

Mercwithapen 2 years ago

Big money! Big Money!

operationmrh 2 years ago

Used yours, here's mine: https://ico.ezpos.io/register?r=v6V95aVjnR8j21OWl9SX

jidonskii 2 years ago

Thanks for sharing this.

[deleted] 2 years ago


kZlyN61_gifv 2 years ago

Just used yours, here's mine: https://ico.ezpos.io/register?r=650ZKRV08vPUJhzROf70

ramsau94 2 years ago

Does signing up still work, I still havent received the email?

RebirthNA 2 years ago

Used yours, here's mine: https://ico.ezpos.io/register?r=izVuOx6iWg3bg6Bu5w5k Just an FYI, these guys are based in Singapore and do not seem to be promoting their whitepaper or tech. Be careful if you choose to invest.

JaceTan 2 years ago

Used yours, here's mine https://ico.ezpos.io/register?r=1B32O4H38v3Z8k2W7M18

jimmcfartypants 2 years ago

Yeah saw that afterwards. Oh well.

jjharkan 2 years ago

fyi, affiliate earnings are 5% of affiliates investments of at least 100 EZT (currently $100)

AbsoluteZeroo 2 years ago

Used OPs here is mine: https://ico.ezpos.io/register?r=8226URnii4WU7Cy8XjAs

[deleted] 2 years ago


bchubz1 2 years ago

Uses yours, use mine. https://ico.ezpos.io/register?r=43NGfT9W9g1ujcA85lAM

Neb1207 2 years ago

Used OP referral, here is mine: https://ico.ezpos.io/register?r=UzJ75z12K3osoS7J57s3

[deleted] 2 years ago


jimmcfartypants 2 years ago

Spam or onselling my address to spammers mainly. I'll freely admit I know next to nothing about this site.

kewldude-mn 2 years ago

Why do you recommend using a secondary Gmail account?

Nsidious442 2 years ago

used your referral

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