Should I add an EU consent cookies policy to my website even though I am from the USA?

I was just wondering if I should add one of those Cookie Consent pop ups on my website even though I am not from Europe and my website is based out of the USA

I do have some visitors from the UK and other countries.

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jerichodotm 2 years ago

I just put a link to a cookie policy in the footer. Some sites in Europe just do that as well. You can see here: https://www.InterestingAnswers.com

TonyP321 2 years ago

Don't worry about cookies for now. Consent for cookies is not going into force until 2019. You should differentiate GDPR and ePrivacy.

seomarketingph 2 years ago

definitely you should apply this if your traffic comes from EU Countries but if not, I think it would not hurt if you still want to apply this.

KyushuWoozy 2 years ago

I guess op question is "are there any consequences if I don't do it". I'd like to know that too.

Borange81 2 years ago

Thanks, is there a reason I should add this will it hurt my ranking or something if I dont add an EU cookies consent policy?

big_sammy_note_fan 2 years ago

Yes, if you have visitors from Europe.

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