Setting up online shopping (help!)

d business that my Dad started in the early 90s selling industry related products and also product repairs. He has been fairly successful with little advertising and no online ordering whatsoever.

Our current website was designed by our front office assistant who “dabbles” in programming but it painfully shows. To be blunt it looks like dog sh*t. Super nice guy, but the website is embarrassing.

My father isn’t convinced that updating the website and adding online ordering will add any additional revenue, and it will only cost money. I have only managed to convince him to add a text box for customers to tell us “what would you like to order”

Are there any services where I can look to that won’t charge crazy amounts for either/both website services with online ordering? I’m going insane.

Thank you all!

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artotal 3 years ago

As web developer contact me, to create and manage your website :) best,

Zapp_V_Brannigan 3 years ago

Seriously, just go to Shopify and setup a new website with their e-commerce platform. It'll be easy and a thousand times better to work with.

EncryptionXYZ 3 years ago

Alright first off, if the backend (functionality) is good then all you need is a front-end developer or a UI designer or a website designer (make sure they know HTML and CSS and atleast a little Javascript) and your dad is stubborn to new tech (typical mine is the same) So I highly recommend you finding one not your dad. You can find these people on freelancer websites like fiver.com or upwork.com and you shouldnt buy paying over $50 for it.

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