SEO tools and dashboards for a small business that don't cost the earth

A small business owner here who's looking to get a handle on his seo. I'm looking for a tool that can help me with keyword research, backlinks, rank tracking and whatever else it can offer. I've looked at semrush and moz which are great and all but are crazy expensive and offer too much for a small business owner. We don't need more than one site, white labeling or other seo company stuff. It's all internal. We've been looking at Rankactive which has all the features and a better price but can run a bit slow.

Now, before you beat me about how $100 for semrush is worth it I have to think about it from my side. $100 will get me a subscription to the ENTIRE adobe creative suite, Vimeo pro, my business management and invoicing software and still have enough for a coffee after.

I've tried a google search but all the results are just trying to shill their affiliate links (writing an article about tools cheaper than moz and then recommending semrush at the same cost isn't really right).

I see the value in the software but just can't seem to find one which is aimed at small businesses. It's either your an seo or doing in house for some big name.

Thanks in advance.

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martinhmns 1 year ago

It won't help you with everything, but I build solid free-of-charge SEO tools based in Google Sheets over at relgrowth.com. So far there's keyword rank checking that should be perfect for your needs, a site uptime monitor, and I have a long list of tools in all areas of SEO in the pipeline. Eventually, I'd like to be able to offer a full toolkit for exactly the type of user that you seem to be: small to medium business owners looking for some insights but who don't have the luxury of affording the steep monthly subscriptions of other tools. There's no downloads, no account creation, no creepy user tracking and no ads. Instead, satisfied users can choose to sponsor the project through a pay-what-you-want model.

Polarisman 1 year ago

https://seranking.com has a nice entry level package.

ExpertBradSEO 1 year ago

I would argue that for every 1 business owner that manages to do a decent job at their own SEO, 10 more cause more harm than good and learn a valuable lesson. Stick to what you do, and hire a professional to handle the rest. PS: local seo is not the strong suit of many of the tools mentioned.

xWhyIsMyNameTaken 1 year ago

The captcha thing. I get it in the free version but I read paid people also got it still. They were old comments though.

xWhyIsMyNameTaken 1 year ago

I'll give this one a look. Although that credit system is a bit confusing. Talks about credits and rank units but doesn't actually say how many rank units I get.

excellentlydone 1 year ago

Plus 1 for SERPStat! I work in-house for a company and we've used AHREFS, SEMRush, and Moz which of course are all great. I'm using SERPStat for a side project and have been very happy with it. The pricing is reasonable and gets greatly discounted when you buy months or years at a time.

thriftstoresofa 1 year ago

I've not seen Serpstat listed here yet. Seems like their pricing is pretty inline with your budget. But, let's say you drink more than one coffee after all your Strategic Internet Presence sleuthing and working and want to incur 0 cost? Why not use the holy free trinity of AdWords keyword planner tool, Google Insights and Search Console? I'm not being daft. You could also supplement these tools with manually seeing what google suggest terms are for your target keywords. I understand that every penny counts to a small business owner. Hence my "free" suggestions. And, with the advent of personal search - wouldn't you be better off looking at Search Console data and Google My Business data to see what queries resonate with your target audience and then build upon those? Again, not being daft, just looking out and making stopgap suggestions until you get a larger tools budget. As a measure of last resort - you could also use something like Fiverr to have someone pull backlink and keyword reports for you.

justnut123 1 year ago

Get SEO powersuite - link is here It has everything you need and works out cheaper, I provide seo services and use it for rank tracking and optimizing pages. Its REALLY good for link building as well. You can get the pro version fairly cheap.

xWhyIsMyNameTaken 1 year ago

I tried that and then read that after the first 6 months you need to pony up for the algo updated which are expensive. Plus I questioned the software. It seemed so shady, kept making me enter capthchas and their site was just way too pushy. I'm cool with an upfront payment. If semrush would let me throw 1000 at them for a lifetime membership then I would sign up.

BillySavery 1 year ago

I use SEO powersuite! Very good for the free version too!

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