SEO Titles not showing or registering, but have been implemented through Yoast...

I’ve run into an issue with a site I’m currently working on through WordPress... I got a Meta Data warning from Moz about Missing title tags for a number of pages. I went through each page (using Yoast); they were completely fine (or so I thought). I decided to run the site through Screaming Frog, that’s also showing missing titles for the pages.

All of the pages affected were only recently created and the meta data was optimized at the time. Has anyone got ideas on what’s happening with the title tags?

I appreciate any thoughts and sorry if I don’t reply straight away, it’s 2am in Ireland!

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Dazza2211 2 years ago

Can I ask what you use instead for tracking and changing the on page meta data? I was thinking of changing to all in one...

Cillianbc 2 years ago

PM me the website and I'll have a look

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