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Hello my fellow digital marketers. I have work in digital marketing for about 10 years. My specialty is SEO. Aside from my agency full time job I have decided to take clients on a freelance basis. However, I have never looked at pricing and now I have to provide my own. What do you charge for audits? How about the initial opt? What about a few hours monthly as a ongoing charge? My thoughts were $75/hour. Audits being $200. But I may be way too low. Also, these are local businesses all under 15 pages per site. I would appreciate feedback :)

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MurmurationWonder 2 years ago

Agreed. I stay away from link building. The only links I will create are through mapping and citations. I outsource the content creation but work closely with the writer to make sure my strategy is implemented

MurmurationWonder 2 years ago

100,000 an hour?! Whoa!

MurmurationWonder 2 years ago

I am still going back and forth with this. It also depends on your geographic market. I am in a metropolitan area

MurmurationWonder 2 years ago

Great advice. Especially the part about opting a site that has not been touched vs a site with SEO history

MurmurationWonder 2 years ago

Good thinking. I agree with your mindset. If I know the right mix that will push them to the top I should charge more.

maggoowho 2 years ago

All based on skill level and mostly, value you an provide. I price based on the value to the client. If I can kill it for them, I may charge a lot more than if I think I can realistically have a smaller impact. Charge more if: 1. Client has age and authority but not content. Copy writing will go a long way. 2. Value is high to client: A single extra customer from organic is worth a lot to them. Your value is there. Obviously, the complexity of the project, programming resources needed, etc. all come into play.

palimadra 2 years ago

I'm going to say the price is right. I would also consider what your agency charges typically for similar jobs Digital Marketing pricing is subjective depending on value of the website to the business. Meaning the role/importance of the website for the business. the complexity of the website. For an e-commerce store the charges would be higher. maturity of the website. Has the website been optimized before? In case it has not been then doing something simple as one-page SEO can deliver very good results. Whereas, if the website has been optimised before then advanced and time consuming strategies like back link creation or implementing technical SEO would be needed. expectations of the customer size of the website Having said that, I if I was you, I would start with the pricing you have thought of and see how it goes and reevaluate the pricing after working on a couple of projects. Best of luck!

jay_say 2 years ago

I can't imagine my client paying that much. I charge way too less as compared to you guys!

111987 2 years ago

I can't imagine most local businesses's being able to afford $500 per hour unless you're only working a few hours a month. But hey, if you can pull it off, good on ya.

NomiDL 2 years ago

It totally depends on the client and nature of the business, sometimes we charge 1k per hour or sometimes even we get work on 5k per hour. so I think you should be flexible

ExpertBradSEO 2 years ago

My rate is $350hr. But I am considering going to $500.

111987 2 years ago

Your audit price is far, far too low. Assuming it's a comprehensive technical, content, and local audit, you should be charging 1k minimum; hell, many agencies sell one-off audits for 5k+. As for your hourly rate, I suppose it depends what exactly you'll be doing. Are you just doing on-page, technical SEO? Content creation? Link building? The more you do, the higher your hourly should be.

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