SEO Powersuite Users?

Hello everyone,

I am using a trial for the enterprise version. I connected my Google Adwords and Analytics accounts for my website.

If you are a user of this tool, how would you recommend it? I got 26 days of enterprise trial left, I am forming a digital marketing agency and the 4 tools provided for the fixed $700 for the first 6 months seems like a very cost-effective way to attain these SEO tools. Would you agree? I really like the Audit reports and how customizable they are, I'm really considering buying it.

Also, I am getting emails about Captcha, I remember a user posting that you need to purchase a Captcha service to use this. Is that true?

I am running the tool on my own Mac. I feel like it's doing a good amount of submissions to gather the information, could this harm my IP and potentially my website? People say a VPS is needed, is that true? Is a VPS necessary to be able to run the tool outside of your computer, or to protect your IP from getting into Google's spam list?

I would really appreciate your responses. I'm sort of on a budget, so monthly SaaS websites are right now a little bit out of my budget.

Thanks a lot guys.

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DallasMorris 3 years ago

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steffanlv 3 years ago

having to run then locally and manually is what kept us from renewing it. Not exactly sure what you are referring to but RankTracker's SERP testing tool returns actual localization rankings based on selected cities/countries. It's actually one of the few tools that actually tracks non-local rankings accurately. Again, not sure what you are referring to but you can easily use RankTracker to get domestic and international rankings automatically. You just have to go into the Rank Tracker Preferences and go into the Preferred Search Engines section and add as many local/international 'engines' as needed. You can also schedule rankings run to have Rank Tracker run at a desired time/day and unlike tools like Moz, Rank Tracker allows for tracking daily changes. I use Moz, Rank Tracker, AHrefs and a few other suites (all paid for) and Rank Tracker has by far the most accurate rankings results. Been using it for years. Not sure how much I paid for my personal Enterprise Power Suite license but they run specials a few times each year. I don't think it cost me $700, probably a lot less. When you consider everything that PowerSuite offers you (providing you are knowledgeable enough about SEO to actually use them) it's an amazing value. It's a shame more people don't use it. I have two servers running Power Suite and Rank Tracker is always up on one of them, running rankings checks every day. Only issue I have is the Javaw build Rank Tracker is built with uses a LOT of ram and can easily crash my server. I have to restart it every few days and often times see it eating 8+gb of ram. (Link Assistant is a ram pig too). Other than that I love the suite.

felipencntst 3 years ago

Hey man. I worked with SEO Powersuite a few years ago. We used a VPN service with multiple IPs to choose (HideMyAss) so we could circle a few IPs and circunvent Google IP blocking. My feeling then and now is that, while the tools are very powerful, having to run then locally and manually is what kept us from renewing it. All of them can be replaced with not very expensive SaaS like SEMRush (don't know which scale you intend to use, but it's like 100 dollars a month), Ahrefs, Botify etc which can run automatically and have many more functions. However, if it really doesn't make sense cost wise and you're willing to run it manually, they are good tools.

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