SEO is dead or live?

As we all know now a days people are only talking about leads and every client only wants result. So my question here is : How organic SEO will help to get the leads or what other activities we can use to get the proper result in these competitive days Because everyone can easily that If you are searching for any keywords in Google then almost all the top results are related to PPC . Does it mean SEO is dead?

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Bhardwajs15 2 years ago

As everyone need lead for there business SEO can't dead till search engines working for lead generation purpose u can go with social media and other platform like forums and Q/A website

loshofficial 2 years ago

Let's look at it this way. If I want to learn how to be the best at SEO, im going to search in Google: How to be the best at SEO. What comes up first? It's possibly the same thing that the next 20 results will tell you, but you clicked that one first because it was the first result.

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