SEO Experiment - What do you think will happen?

I bought an expiring domain from GoDaddy auctions.

600k backlinks, 3.6k referring domains, 2.3k IP's and 2.3k subnets.

Moz: DA 44 - PA 37 Majestic: Trust 20 - Citation Flow 34

The domain was previously a web hosting company hosting sites on thousands of subdomains and in the interests of Google science I decided to do a wildcard redirect of all subdomains, primary domain and pages to the top level of a fresh new domain that has no ranking at all.

My expectation is that Google will punch me in the face and become very unhappy with the new domain that I've pointed everything at.

What are you thoughts / experiences about what might happen?

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David-Footystats 2 years ago

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Corsterix 2 years ago

Thanks for the Ahrefs offer, I might take you up on it at some point but I don't need it yet thanks. It's taking longer than I expected for the backlinks to show up so I'm going to be very patient and wait another month or so before I worry about it.

Corsterix 2 years ago

Paid around $400 for it. Serpstat shows 1.2k referring domains, 46% page rank score, 22% for trust rank for the domain and 58% page rank and 32% trust rank for the main URL. Majestic shows 22 trust / 46 citation which I assume is where serpstat gets it's data. Number of backlinks increases every day but it's over 350k backlinks now.

rockinimelini 2 years ago

Very nice! How much did you pay for that domain, can we know? I have Ahrefs subscription and can run you some data if you want. How many backlinks linking to is gsc showing for the main/money site already?

Corsterix 2 years ago

I do my own hosting for myself and others, I have an Amazon EC2 server that runs an nginx reverse proxy to a VPN connection, and I have my own servers at my premises with a lot of CPU/SSD storage doing the heavy lifting. I also put cloudflare in front of the proxy, it reduces bandwidth costs and handles a chunk of security and DDOS threats.

hfbadvertising 2 years ago

Why dont you just use resellerhostingdotcom and start reselling hosting. Just redirect them there. Call it a day.

qster123 2 years ago

Nice catch. I do this kind of thing but usually get an archive back up and running for a while first then decide later what to do. Would be interested to see how this works for you though.

ATShock 2 years ago

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fishbellyblack 2 years ago

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Cinema7D 2 years ago

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Dhakwanes 2 years ago

No, what will happen is that it will rank for some of the onsite terms you have optimized your site for, and it will rank as well for some of the terms the anchor text from the previous backlinks.

Corsterix 2 years ago

Old authority sites. The ones with tons of content that look like it was created in the 90's, because it was. archive.org is your friend.

Iwywnsb 2 years ago

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Corsterix 2 years ago

I'm glad you mentioned that, because that's plan b.

RaskallyRabbit 2 years ago

If your new site is about hosting, i'd imagine you'll do quite well :)

Gioware 2 years ago

Yeah, that's what's going to happen, after all the free hosting subdomains will get deindexed.

Yostibroodje 2 years ago

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raysmuckles82 2 years ago

Agreed, this is so 10 years ago, pretty surprised this is considered worth discussing here.

UniversalBrian 2 years ago

I'm new and what types of sites are good for site auctions? I don't want to experiment, but more so to see other sites for sale that fall within my passion and interest. Thanks in advance guys!

QwertyPrincess 2 years ago

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Fliperaci 2 years ago

Care to elaborate for us plebs?

thefonz22 2 years ago

I can't believe there are actually people here that think this would have a negative impact on rankings. I hope you guys don't do Seo for a living.

dhananjaygoel1 2 years ago

Well, yes you played a gamble on Google. As far as google new algorithmic update it may penalize for linking to high authority domain with no content. But if not let us know.

Corsterix 2 years ago

This is why I called it an experiment, time will tell.

UpLowHighDown 2 years ago

I believe that in a couple of weeks you will definitely get an 'angry reaction' from Google, as this is, if not, close to black hat technique. However, if by any rare chance it works, consider it a jackpot. Please keep us updated!

Corsterix 2 years ago

Thanks! I'm taking a lot of screenshots and notes to track exactly what happens and I'll write a detailed blog post about it maybe in a month or so when things have settled down or when Google smashes me with a ban hammer.

BillySavery 2 years ago

I mean, that definitely sounds like a black hat technique.

frshtrx 2 years ago

Short term you might get a traffic pop but anything long term is going to be based on relevance and page signal of term alignment between what it used to rank for and what your current site ranks for already. It's a camel hump or upramp, depending.

Corsterix 2 years ago

"But it looked at me funny, officer."

JonasPolskyAMA 2 years ago

"Look at this perfectly good, un-penalized website, just laying in the street!"

Corsterix 2 years ago

The target website is a WordPress blog with about 40 posts and it's fairly well optimized for both desktop and mobile. It's brand new though so those posts haven't been indexed yet. I just took a look at serpstat and it has gained 38% page rank and 4% trust rank which I believe is equivalent to Majestic's stats.

BillySavery 2 years ago

How are you going to monitor this for a website without any content to rank for?

Corsterix 2 years ago

It definitely feels like I'm on the yellow brick road.

onemananswerfactory 2 years ago

The ol' "Pay no attention to the website behind the curtain" routine.

Corsterix 2 years ago

I'll let definitely you know, right now Googlebot is hammering both nginx web servers, although it doesn't immediately follow the redirects. Watching the server logs fly by is quite mesmerizing because of all the subdomains and pages. Need more popcorn, this is a great geek moment for me.

Mhbrito 2 years ago

Well.. Please tell us the results. If it works I might use this strategy for one of my clients which has a very low domain authority.

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