SEM Rush vs AHREFs comparison question.

I know everyone here says use SEM Rush for keywords and AHREFs for Backlinks, but what is wrong with the SEM Rush Backlinks? Or why not AHREFs for keywords?

Both tools seem to do a decent job of doing both tasks so why does everyone say use both? If you could only use one and you are working on building keywords and backlinks which would it be?

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DanielODonnell 2 years ago

Ahrefs... hands down. On it for 4 hours a day

bloody_beetroots_dt 2 years ago

SEM Rush is using third-party backlinks data. I guess from Majestics, might explain why their backlinks database is average.

topspinbound 2 years ago

I've used close to 100 different SEO tools over the past 15+ years and I haven't found any tool that can outperform Ahrefs when it comes to deep analysis of links. The pro version of majestic comes somewhat close. SEMrush is more of an all-in-one tool. I would never trust it or mozpro to identify all mine or a competitor's backlinks. The right tools for the right job depending on your budget and the required amount of optimization.

throwaway29999_ 2 years ago


commandrbond 2 years ago

I use Semrush for keywords and Ahrefs for backlinks/data mining.

danielklotz 2 years ago

Ahrefs has more accurate keyword volume data in my experience. SEMrush does some things very well, but Ahrefs has moved into a league of its own imo.

thesupermikey 2 years ago

SEMRush. i will pick up a month of Ahref if I need to look at backlinks (which at this point is really once a year).

jessief2 2 years ago

Ahrefs just launched an awesome site audit tool that crawls a lot more pages than semrush

OliverSeccombe 2 years ago

2nd. I use Ahrefs and get a huge roi from both keyword and backlink functions.

Spartangreen5102 2 years ago

I use pro but I do believe Ahrefs is showing up to 50th position for lite users now

theeastcoastwest 2 years ago

I use both, but gun to my head I'd go with Semrush. Yes, their backlinks suck but have been getting better all the time. Still, no where near ahrefs' quality but given the ease of use for everything else that's where I'd come down. Now, if hrefs would unlock organic keywords past the 20th position on their lite plan it'd be a different ballgame. They just raised the count to include the top 100 on the pro plan, but $150/mo. is too spicy for most small ships and freelancers. Their product would easily win the Semrush vs. ahrefs debate if their into plans gave the same volume of keyword data that Semrush did. I don't know where their head is on that honestly.

lonewolf-chicago 2 years ago

Semrush doesn't have a cache of as many sites that Ahrefs does. Therefore can't do full research on backlinks on Semrush....can't find some bad links that should be disavowed...etc Semrush has the most keywords of all tools. No tool does it all... Trust but verify....use tools for their expertise.... Same as doctors and lawyers...no one can be the best at all..... 100 more reasons.

Intersignmojo 2 years ago

I really enjoy the site audit and the way it breaks everything down. Additionally, when the tools are in beta you have full access to them even with the free version, so that has been tremendously helpful.

_squik 2 years ago

I agree with the SEMrush for keywords; Ahrefs for backlinks mindset, although having worked with both, I would say go for SEMrush. You get more bang for your buck, a decent-enough backlink tool, and you also get the project functions like site audit and on-page optimisation. The latter will give you extra keyword ideas. Once you're have enough and can afford it, get Ahrefs too and dig deep into your backlinks.

Intersignmojo 2 years ago

Thanks and you are correct. I have only been using the free version of SEM Rush, granted I have been using it as much as I can with the free version. Seems like it might be time for an upgrade though.

TheCilician 2 years ago

just a difference of money.makes the most valid point. AHrefs is older and has more crawl history. SEMrush is (IMHO) more UX friendly. It seems that at this point in your search, because you're asking the difference, you might not have a lot of experience with both. Stick with SEMrush until your profits and needs justify the cost of AHrefs

notWarnerBros 2 years ago

Ahrefs. They have a larger historical dataset. And if money wasnt a problem Id use both and for good measure also get Moz Pro But for now Ahrefs it is.

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