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I don't know if this sub is the right one for this post, excuse me if not.
So lately I have been exploring the online job opportunities. Signing up to many sites requires you to upload a resume, so I was wondering, are there any specificities about a resume for ONLINE use ? Is it just the same as a regular one ? are there some determined infos I should include ?

And how/where can I make one that raises my chances of getting accepted ?

Thank you :)

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Resume-Now 9 months ago

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Scriberathome 9 months ago

There are tons of resume examples you can Google. A tip I read is to keep it to one page if possible. Save it in a Word doc as that is what is normally expected. As far as 'online' you can usually upload the file.

floydasaurus 9 months ago

I typically keep and updated copy that's formatted fancy and saved as a pdf. I also update a plaintext (Notepad, .txt) resume as well for sites that want something like that. Always customize your generic resume to be specific to the job you are applying for, in fact, if you find yourself applying a lot of different types of places, it could save you headache to have one for office clerical work, one for management, one for programming, one for graphic design, etc As far as "What info do I put into this" imagine that particular business or person had a paper application of information they use to determine who to hire. What would be on it? Put that in your resume. Also use the keywords they use in the job listing inside your resume. I don't know if it's just me cherry picking memories, but I seem to recall the resumes I sent out with keywords from their listing littered about got a response WAY more often. Anyways, GL, and try not to worry about the resume itself so much. It's not so much used to determine if they should hire, so much as if you were competent enough to apply to the right position. (ie, sending a resume with highest qualification as shift lead at baskin robbins to be the CFO of Apple)

AkayoKym 10 months ago

Thank you ! I'll definitely check that up, I didn't know about the cover letter thing, I thought it was some unecessary thing. Thank you for your advice again :)

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