search result that has a link in the description!!

I found a search result that has a link in the description.. how it is possible to have a link in description? is it using schema markup or any other?

It had "jump to" preceding the link..

screen shot link

note : the link was to a section of the search result page..

kindly share your views..

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dinitriso 2 years ago

This has been around for years. I have it on some of my pages. Seems to be fairly random, mostly related to anchors for on-page navigation and subheadings. I've noticed that my pages with wiki-style table of contents menus get it more often than others.

dan__wizard 2 years ago

I get these all the time for my bigger pages. To get them: - break up your content with well structured headings - link to each of those headings with jump links

searchcandy 2 years ago

As u/Heatard says this is a crazy old feature... I can't even really remember this not existing its so old how it is possible to have a link in description? is it using schema markup or any other? Next time. just look in the HTML. Can't read HTML? Learn it

Heatard 2 years ago

This has existed for a long time. If you use anchors to navigate between sections of content on one page, it may also appear for you.

Highest_Koality 2 years ago

It's been around for a while I think? Google shows it in a blog post from 2009. Use a table of content with jump links to help create them.

comuloid 2 years ago

I've seen it a couple times in the past but only for long, well structured pages with section anchors. As far as I know there isn't any special schema for it. Google has also generated it's own description for the page so it is ignoring the defined one and generating one for that specific section.

whatsupanders 2 years ago

Haven't seen this in a SERP before, but if you visit the page, you'll notice there's an index with jump links at the top, i.e. https://acodez.in/good-website-layout#16_Design_for_a_variety_of_devices

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