Screwed over by Branded Surveys

So I'm relatively new, and don't really know how everyone feels about Branded Surveys (formerly MintVine), but I am done with it now. Completed a short survey in their system which led to an invitation for a live, external chat session (1hr) for a $60 reward. Completed the live chat session on the scheduled date - was informed that I'd receive my reward within 7 business days via Branded. No dice. After contacting Branded customer service, I have been told that there is no history of the external session with my account - even after providing the unique reference # associated with that live session. I guess I'll keep playing the customer service game to see if I can get the payment through, but otherwise I am out.

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lovelymila 2 years ago

If you go to survey police, you will see many complaints.about them.They are just no paying, ignoring emails, blocking.. etc... Now they blocked me stating i was using proxy! From what i see, they just dont want to pay! They owe me $11 dollars and yes, they were one of the best surveys sites but now forget it.

r_sarvas 2 years ago

Too bad about that. Chat sessions were used to be great quick cash. Going forward, you may want to make sure that you are actively responding to questions and not just lurking. I remember being warned that you had to be active in order to get credit for the session. Also, make sure to take screenshots to prove you were there and active.

msmoneybags67 2 years ago

might help to post on their Facebook page, sometimes it helps, since sites dont want others to see any negativity towards them, hope you get your money!

horrornerd 2 years ago

no cashout button for me since they changed over ;/

arise_chckn 2 years ago

Yes that was exactly it. I'll let you know if I end up getting any kind of meaningful response from customer service.

RainbowNeos 2 years ago

I participated in this study as well and I contacted them on Wednesday, however I still haven't received a response. Was it some company named Remesh that was leading the chat? How disappointing. I was sketchy the moment the email said it won't redirect you back to Branded Surveys and that they will just capture your ID. Goddamnit, I was looking forward to that payment too.

MidgardWyrm 2 years ago

Since they rebranded or were taken over, they've gone downhill fast. :(

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