Schema Help!

I am a web dev, doing a custom CMS for a local small business.

They want me to automatically generate JSON LD for each page - I have already completed it for product pages.

Though, I got stuck on index page, because it includes company info along with few top rated products.

Will appreciate any pointers on how homepage mark-up should be structured.

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Bhardwajs15 2 years ago

For home page go with local and organization schema. Didn't use product schema on home page as it can divert google. For product schema you have separate page as you ask.

jilte3 2 years ago

Yep, they do have their own page with markup. I will explain a bit about design : Home page is SPA. When a product thumbnail is clicked - is expands into a modal overlay to show product description ( essentially, everything about product but rating/review option - user must navigate to respective page for rating and review ) Footer of each page includes store address & a Google maps iframe. Is it fine to just let Organization schema be rendered on index page? Post says 3 comments, can't see other 2 lol, I am out of my mind

sidlin 2 years ago

Just use schema to mark it up as a local business and that information.

rkuprin 2 years ago

dont mark products on the homepage, they have their own pages and keywords, right?

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