RIP twitter

When do you think Twitter will end??

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zilliamson 1 year ago

Yall been saying this for 6 years now. Give it a rest

tk4087 1 year ago

I thought in the last year or so it would really die off, but I'm finding it to be still useful and audiences are still engaging. Might just hang in there for quite some time.

devonthed00d 1 year ago

It's already on it's way out. Another 1 to 3 years tops. Remind me.

UVSoaked 1 year ago

I was always wondering if Microsoft would try and purchase it. That was back a few years ago in the Microsoft Phone era though, when they were pushing social with Xbox, Skype, etc. and it seemed like the same time when Twitter started to really need a hand. But then they got LinkedIn. Which seems to have definitely been the right choice between the two.

boooomshakalaka 1 year ago


AtomicManiac 1 year ago

It won't anytime soon.

idolovetechnology 1 year ago

When Mastodon becomes the new Twitter :)

sctt_dot 1 year ago

Way after it gets sold to Google.

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