Resources for writing about the Military/Military fiction?

Hello fellows, I'm reaching out specifically to those of you with Nonfiction and Fiction writing experiences about the Military (US or NATO) or militaries (historical).

I'm looking for resources most specifically on unit organization, military hierarchy, and military history.

My current project is a treatment/long-form short story about a small special forces team in an Alternate timeline, set in the United States after a large domestic upheaval.

In terms of style, think of Tom Clancy meets cyber-punk.

I was considering picking up a copy of a history book on MAC V SOG and the VIA during American involvement in Vietnam, but I also thought that perhaps that was too era-specific.

The two biggest priorities for my current research are US Military Organization & Hierarchy and then otherwise a reference guide or glossary for lingo and terminology.

I'm already quite familiar with firearms, but since this story I'm crafting is set in an alternate timeline AND in the future, I won't be using references to contemporary weaponry (for the most part)

I look forward to what help any of you can offer.

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GF8950 2 years ago

Im so putting this book on my wish list. I do have a military sci-fi story, but I have no idea about what goes on in the military. Thank you for bringing this up.

budna 2 years ago

Look up some old interviews with Tom Clancy and how he wrote his first novel. That will definitely shed some light.

ryanaldred 2 years ago

It is very, very easy to get sucked into the black hole of research. And the more research you do, the more you're tempted to use it - which often means that you inflict over-sized information dumps upon your reader. I would suggest you watch 'Generation Kill' for help with the voice and vocabulary and then just plunge right in. See if you can find someone with military experience to help as a beta-reader.

slothsonaspaceship 2 years ago

transcriptroopers.tumblr.com is a guy who has 4 years experience in the military and answers a lot of questions about hierarchy and stuff, so maybe look at his blog? His blog is aimed at writers who want to write accurate military fiction.

MHaroldPage 2 years ago

Probably this book by an online mate of mine who is a retired soldier: Writing Military Science Fiction. He also has a website.

Olivia_AW 2 years ago

OSCAR MIKE is On the Move. As in were out.

DavesWorldInfo 2 years ago

Wikipedia and Google. For example, searching "USMC Rifleman Squad" gives this search result. The top link is this, an official USMC training manual for such a squad. There is a tremendous amount of information available online. Certainly for the first world countries, which have Internet use integrated deeply into their societies. Wikipedia is littered with very detailed articles. The information's fully available, and Google makes it incredibly easy to find.

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