Recommendations for Online English Teaching

Just wondering if anybody has recommendations for an online English Teaching position. I am a native English speaker from the UK and I have a university degree but no English teaching experience or teaching certifications.

I would ideally like something that can provide a stable and reliable income.

Thanks in advance.

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Amairch 2 years ago

I think SAYABC hires people from the UK and I know ALO7 does although I've heard mixed reviews about them. PM me if you want more details about SAYABC since I work for them (I also did a huge post about several companies and online ESL teaching in general here).

bloodr0se 2 years ago

Thank you. I did look into this last year and IIRC only VIPKid actively exclude British applicants even though their website doesn't state anything about that. I think it's because they base their lessons on the US school curriculum.

Mjhoops 2 years ago

I have two jobs teaching English online, but definitely prefer Qkids. Their software is super interactive so 1-4 kids can have fun together, playing games like bingo and such. I just facilitate. I am super happy about it and the pay is great considering how much I like it! Here is the link and please apply with my referral code: http://teacher.qkids.net/apply *FTXFJU message me with any questions, happy to help!

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