Ranking county wide?

I work for a dentist that has one office with a GMB listing.

He wants to rank for the keyword “dentist in county” instead of “dentist in city”

From what I’ve read, it seems like this isn’t an effective strategy, because search results are heavily weighted based on the searchers physical location.

My suggestion is to try and open satellite offices that we can create GMB listings for and then build location pages.

Does anyone have any articles or research they could share with me about ranking county wide?

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CaptainSoLow 2 years ago

I agree, and I explained this to him to no avail. Unless I produce an article or case study, I don't think I will be able to convince this client why it is a poor strategy.

TheMacMan 2 years ago

Depends on how large the county is. Realistically, not a lot of people are going to travel 50 miles to go to a dentist when there are 50 other dentists within 15 minutes of their house. Help him understand that. Can he show up in county wide searches? Certainly. But it's unlikely people will travel to see him even if he does appear there. He may be wasting a lot of time, money, and energy to rank for that county listing when it will do him almost no good.

CaptainSoLow 2 years ago

We can see from his adwords campaign that the county search term does have significant volume. However, I don't feel like those searches are necessarily prospects. I wouldn't be surprised if those search terms are from him and his competitors searching for that term to see if they rank for it.

ATShock 2 years ago

Have you checked search volume for the county search? In my experience city branded searches are sure to have the bulk of the search queries...

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