Ranking Amazon Page on Google SERPs

Does anyone have any experience with backlinking and ranking amazon products on Google SERP? Considering the authority it carries, would it be more beneficial and easier to rank an Amazon Product page or a separate website which sells my product? I am debating which to spend my time on in terms of backlinking efforts. I want to know if anyone here has tried this method and what their success has been with it.

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theeastcoastwest 2 years ago

Hell yeah it's a good move! Dont neglect your own website, but you can use and abuse an Amazon page to rank fast. Id argue a good approach to be ranking your Amazon page first, getting some money coming in, then putting that towards ranking your own site pages. Practically speaking, you can do both at the same time, just expect the Amazon page to rank much faster.

pyngthyngs 2 years ago

Good old parasite SEO!

ninjatune 2 years ago

Do good links make a page rise in the SERPs? Yes.

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