Quick ClickWorker question

ted with ClickWorker on the 14th of Nov. I setup my whole profile, tax options and did the assessments for ClickWorker and UHRS. Between the 14th-16th I made $10.34 in UHRS. Now when I check 'My Report' there is a new block from Nov 17th-Dec 21st with $0.00 showing up.

Is my $10 that I made going to transfer over to ClickWorker in 21 days? Or am I missing something?

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jtww 2 years ago

Awesome thank you for the help!

alexdiazleal 2 years ago

Yes. It will be paid in 21 days. Sometimes the balance shows for a couple of days then if you are inactive, or for some other strange reason, it may even disappear for a couple of days but by the day it is supposed to be paid it will be back in there and paid.

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