question about the 3 buck swagbucks referral thing

so if you use a code you get 3 bucks?can you do this multiple times?

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Nalim7777 1 year ago

i mean referral code dude but not just that

Nalim7777 1 year ago

not fake accounts i'm wondering if i can refer 6 cousins and get like 18 dollars

xxAssassin349 1 year ago

I believe that someone has to sign up using your referral link and then they have to earn 300 SB. After they earned 300 SB, you and the person you referred with earn 300 SB. I am pretty sure that they won't give 300 SB for free just for entering a code.

TheresASilentH 1 year ago

Yes, but if youre thinking of making a bunch of fake accounts, they track your IP address and limit it to two users (I think?) per address.

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