Question about merging websites & the seo.

My dad does tile work, and also sells tile online. He used to have a tile installation site, for local work in which people are looking to have tile done. And a store front in which you could inquire about wholesale tile.

His storefront/ecomm (we'll call it xzy.com) was doing decent in SEO terms for a few specific patterns of tile. He wants to merge both of his sites together, and just keep the xyz.com

Will this affect his SEO rankings?

I know a little about facebook ads which we've done in the past for the business, but nothing about SEO.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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SEOPub 1 year ago

It certainly can impact rankings. What you want to do when you merge the sites is make sure you setup 301 redirects of each page of the defunct website to the corresponding new page on the website you are keeping up. The 301 redirects tell the search engines that the page has permanently moved and to credit any links, authority, relevance, etc. to the new page. He will need to own the old domain forever to keep the 301 redirects in place.

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