Question about ebook content and length

Howdy all, this may be in the wrong subreddit, if so I love you, and sorry.

I'm working on a series of unfortunate E-books based around my ecological and recreational science education.
I'm wondering if I need to worry about kplan or persons lashing at me because some of these ideas are published in their tomes.

Similarly, a bit of this is extremely technical, and it actually includes a bit of jargon. I'm thinking of breaking it into concise volumes so consumers can pick and choose what they want to actually buy and benefit from. Should I be going for the 250 page range, or is 100 more suitable for a complete book?

This is intended to be a recreational version of a technical textbook.

I don't have a referral code, but I do have a smile train to start.




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Used yours here's mine :-)

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