Project Management tool/software suggestions needed!

/SEM Agency that's in the process of scaling up - now we really need a decent Project Management software that allows recurring processes and collaboration over a few timezones.

Any suggestions would be

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amandamraines 3 years ago

Ravetree. By far the best solution for agencies.

Rein3 3 years ago

Google sheets are beautiful. Learn some basic programing and they'll do reports for you, notifications and a.lot more

agnosticity 3 years ago

We've tested 15 different tools extensively and chose Asana pro. With their custom fields and 4 levels (team, project, tasks, sub tasks) we had all we needed. Open a tram per customer and create templates for repetative ppc tasks in a daily, weekly or monthly basis and these will appear again after they are done. No software will be perfect mind you, but we found Asana to be good for us. They also have an option to work with cards like trelo rather than lists so everyone can get what they want.

tehlolkid 3 years ago

Trello. Probably the best option you can go far.

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