Pro Gaming/ESports in the UAE

Where are all the pro gamers at? I don't know many teams based in UAE, are there any? Where can I find them?

I'm doing a quick write-up and would love to speak to someone about it, as I think it is growing to be the next big thing

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JarethLopes 2 years ago

who are u?

JoshVanAlden 2 years ago

Awesome Yes! Can you PM me your email?

Krhyme 2 years ago

I am UAE CS veteran (participated in tournaments since year 2000) who's now founded an esports organization based out of Dubai, organizing events in multiple games. Know most of the gamers, teams, owners, etc. since I've been around the gaming scene here forever. Feel free to get in touch, would be happy to help.

cyberkada 2 years ago

Come to Eve Online. Gankers Paradise

throwaymeaway 2 years ago

There is no pro scene in UAE, If you are a Pro you won't be living here. The closest team we have to a Pro team was Klarity Gaming that participated 3v4 at CoD Champ for Ghost, the Closest person we have is /u/jarethlopes who peeked rank 1 on Ionia and Euw for league of legends.

DaedalusMinion 2 years ago

Yalla E-Sports. https://www.yallaesports.com/ Ask for Klaus in the discord

JoshVanAlden 2 years ago

Honestly any game. Like I saw a Mortal Kombat tournament at Hub Zero which seemed really official, but other than that I really can't find anything. I play CS:GO with tons of people within the region but never see them further than that. Was just curious really.

JoshVanAlden 2 years ago

Nasr eSports actually took over Risky Gaming, I know that much.

bravo632 2 years ago

OP, what games are you looking at specifically? Even if youre looking at FGC, I would be able to recommend/connect you to someone I know with a better idea. I used to game more competitively, and that decreased due to /life. But I do still game every now and then.

bravo632 2 years ago

Get gud.

JacoffS 2 years ago

Pro gamers? You mean pro cheaters? There are a lot of them in here. Welcome to Dubai servers.

aquamah 2 years ago

you'll never find such a thing with this bad expensive laggy and dozens of blocked IPs internet service.

MDUnknown 2 years ago

bad internet with the fact there is good number of players that prefer cheats over actually gaming = a meh gaming community but who knows it might get better with the up coming years :/

iAbood8 2 years ago

I heard that some uae overwatch team almost made it to overwatch worlds league

its_a_me_SPAGHETTI 2 years ago

I Only know Team risky, They are extremely good at CS:GO. And you might find Good PUBG players as well since its a growing game, i personally hit top 1000 in it but you might find people that are top 100.

Grimmgoll 2 years ago

There aren't any good enough to be labeled 'pro'. Sure there are teams here for LoL, CS:GO, DotA, SC, FIFA that play in the Middle East Leagues, but nothing international.

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