Possible to use two "cashback" sites?

Say I want to buy something. Would it be feasible to use BeFrugal and the eBates extension to theoretically get twice the savings? Cashout minimum is not a problem with this item.


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Sk8rToon 3 years ago

Not in my experience. They cancel out each other. I've gotten no cashback at all trying this in the past. Rarely I've gotten cash back from one while using coupon codes from another (swagbucks had higher % but ebates had better coupon etc) but that runs the high risk of cancelling the cash back (check terms). So if you try that the coupon better be worth it! Sometimes you can order something online via cashback site then pickup in store & getting points via Shopkick but you have to read the first site's terms per offer as some nullify if you pickup in store instead of ship it. The only real way I've "double dipped" is by using a cash back credit card on a cash back site. It's best to just stick with one.

glcn 3 years ago

This won't work since only one of the cashback sites get paid by the merchant site when the transaction goes through, so you can't double dip. You can however stack certain promotions such as Some examples: Cashback site +ebay bucks Cashback portal + amazon smile (not exactly cashback).

TansenSjostrom 3 years ago

I believe this falls under cookie stuffing. No.

derpherp128 3 years ago

Rip, was worth a try. Thanks!

gabblessyou 3 years ago

I don't think it's possible. I have Ebates and ButterflySaves extensions in Chrome and one cancels the other out. So I only get cashback from one of those. It was the same when I had Swagbucks Button and Ebates installed, I could only used one extension at a time.

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