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I'm going to be taking over a small bowling alley in the next few months, but they currently have no point of sale system and are a cash-only business. While the business is profitable, I'm going to be expanding the offerings and want to add a point of sale system (need to accept credit cards, help with inventory, etc). I know there are a lot of different options out there, but does anyone have any good recommendations (or anything to avoid)?

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swampstomper22 2 years ago

If you've got multiple servers/waitstaff, I'd recommend Clover. They have different units and I have the Flex model which is handheld, and connectied via WiFi. Pretty slick device.

kfbrewer 2 years ago

Square is amazing, plus. Capital is great when your in need. Payroll & employee service is nice. Marketing and loyalty programs.

TheGeneral35 2 years ago

This is fairly decent advice. Start small, and grow from there.

MassStreetSoda 2 years ago

I've used square for 4 years and it's done everything I needed. I think in this day and age, more people carry less cash and it's important to accept credit cards. It's a flat 2.75% and it does inventory. It's also relatively cheap as all you need is an iPad and buy you could buy the stand used.

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