Please review my website

Can you please critique my website, I create websites using the wordpress CMS and are targeting small businesses in South Africa. I am struggle to convert from facebook advertising https://krieger.co.za/

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luvmidnite 3 years ago

Just out of visual purposes, you might want to consider inverting logo color,

EverMoar 3 years ago

Where are you sending the Facebook traffic? If it's just the homepage, you need a much stronger landing page with clear call to action text to draw in that conversion. Tease them on Facebook with your prowess and then seal the deal on the landing page. Pushing someone to a website that is just general information is likely not enough to really convince them, so start the story on Facebook, get their attention, and then drive it home on a landing page with a clear "next step" call to action or proposition. Good luck!

burrrpong 3 years ago

affordable is right aligned. webmarketing is in the centre and graphic design is right aligned. Why are the not all the same... probably centred. "Ready to take your business to the next level?" looks disgusting... I dont think this site is ready for a critique. If you think it is then you're in the wrong game.

ImNotThatIntoYou 3 years ago

You have two many H1s, you only need one, you're targeting way too many keywords within a page, create a page for each services you offer with good content, it also looks like you don't have a sitemap.xml, right now Google show 16 pages and most of them don't exist, good luck to you!

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