Please help, with google verification.

I was recently moved to an internal marketing department to do all the coding for them. Since marketing is not my strong point I am really stumped on a process they have. When we get a new client we create a google account for them and use that to claim GMB and for use with other google services.

The problem is they are going around asking to use other coworkers phones to complete the verification process. It seems to me for a firm that does digital marketing there should be a better process to for verifying a google account. Of course when I google how to setup a google account without verification there are pages and pages of hacky/scam type suggestions like "make your age 15, google doesn't think 15 year olds have cell phones so you won't need to verify using a phone number..." which is not true. It just seems like there has to be a better way to create google accounts for our clients.

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roidetective 3 years ago

The number used should match the number on the website, so tell them to stop the madness. Imagine the company missing phone calls? Many times it'll be a post card verification. It usually comes in as little as 3 or 4 days. It looks like junk mail.

Plazmo990 3 years ago

So the google account created is used for 4 things. Creating a GMB page, Analytics, Webmaster Tools (Search Consol), and Adwords. The idea as far as I understand it is the account is specific to the client and all google services are tied to the account. I'm thinking it is for easability to cancel our services? I.e. A client canceles we would just give them access to the google account.

EliteCreature74 3 years ago

What type of Google account do you create / what does the client use it for? Depending on those answers, both of the responses so far are viable. If you're setting up a Gmail account or business account, walking your clients through the process of creating an account themselves is the best way to do it. Then they can grant you/your company access as an account manager.

Hollacaine 3 years ago

There is, get them to create their own google accounts. Use their own phone/gmail to claim their business. Google doesnt want your business claiming your clients pages. They can give you access if needed.

monkeythumpa 3 years ago

Grant access to each member by managing roles. Everyone has their own google account (through their work email) and you provision which accounts have rights to which clients/services.

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