Passive earning through digital products? (App, Mobile games and E-books)

reate things in my free time which have the potential to generate some passive income. I'll list out a few ideas that I have right now, why I think I can do it, and I would love it if you guys can comment/critique or add something to the list :)

  • Apps: Since I am an app designer myself, I can develop a few small utilities and set them free for some nice add revenue. Im looking for ideas about it too.

  • Mobile Games: I've always wanted to develop games. Currently Im learning the Unity engine. Maybe a few simple games on the playstore will also generate some add revenue. But the chances of getting anything good are small since the market is terribly saturated.

  • E-Books: Someone had posted about it sometime ago, that they were able to generate some income via selling ebooks on the kindle store. I would love to try that, Ive got a vivid imagination and a knack for really kinky things. Maybe I can get a few people to pay me for their pleasure?

What do you guys think about these options? Is there anything more I can try as well?

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dudes_indian 2 years ago

I like doing the things that I've listed and often do things like that to pass time. Might as well do them properly and make some money.

Korlithiel 2 years ago

Those are some fairly active options, since the payout is relatively based on your input unless you luck out with something particularly popular.

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