Passive earning through digital products? (App, Mobile games and E-books)

reate things in my free time which have the potential to generate some passive income. I'll list out a few ideas that I have right now, why I think I can do it, and I would love it if you guys can comment/critique or add something to the list :)

  • Apps: Since I am an app designer myself, I can develop a few small utilities and set them free for some nice add revenue. Im looking for ideas about it too.

  • Mobile Games: I've always wanted to develop games. Currently Im learning the Unity engine. Maybe a few simple games on the playstore will also generate some add revenue. But the chances of getting anything good are small since the market is terribly saturated.

  • E-Books: Someone had posted about it sometime ago, that they were able to generate some income via selling ebooks on the kindle store. I would love to try that, Ive got a vivid imagination and a knack for really kinky things. Maybe I can get a few people to pay me for their pleasure?

What do you guys think about these options? Is there anything more I can try as well?

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dudes_indian 10 months ago

I like doing the things that I've listed and often do things like that to pass time. Might as well do them properly and make some money.

Korlithiel 10 months ago

Those are some fairly active options, since the payout is relatively based on your input unless you luck out with something particularly popular.

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