Part-time online gigs I can do at home?

Hello world!

I am looking for a part-time gig online with a flextime that doesn't require me to talk. I have been an online English tutor to various learners in Asia for a long time now and I am getting tired of talking. I am still a beginner at any freelance desk jobs so I would appreciate a job that can help me learn or doesn't require advanced skills in whatever job is available. I've tried a lot of freelance sites like Upwork, Odesks and the likes but nobody seems to be interested in newbies like me. If there are, the pay is absolutely horrible. Almost like working for free.

I'd appreciate any help.


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hockeypup 3 years ago

Rev.com I had to look this up, because captioning sounds easy. They don't seem to have any openings for that, though. :(

peaceloveandgranola 3 years ago

I work online captioning peoples videos. No talking to people, decide on whatever hours you please, and the only requirements are good grammar and hearing. Rev.com is a great start

asmrgurll 3 years ago

Typically it can range from $5-$6 or so an hour on average. It's not much but it can add up over time.

OdinWolfe 3 years ago

With all my free time I have when not doing my homecare provider work, any idea what I could making doing MTurk?

asmrgurll 3 years ago

Have you considered Amazon MTurk?

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