Paid research for those diagnosed with depression - Share your experience with depression and earn $

We are looking for people who have been diagnosed by a doctor with clinical depression, and who have struggled to find the right medication. We will be asking qualified participants to take part in an online community from February 21st to February 23rd, 2018. You will be compensated $125 for your time in the form of a Visa gift card.

To see if you qualify, please take this survey

If you are the right fit for the project, we will get in touch via email and a quick one on one phone call, so please make sure to enter your contact details carefully.

Just a bit about me, and Echo: my name is Aggie and I am a project manager for Echo Qualitative Market Research. We're a company that helps brands understand their customers better by finding different kinds of people to talk to about different kinds of things. In this case, it's depression. If you'd like to learn more our website is www.echoqual.com.

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kzxbj2 3 years ago

This looks like a really interesting opportunity!

echoqual 3 years ago

Thank you! We love doing projects which have tangible benefits for so many people.

kerryelizabeth73 3 years ago

Thank you for doing this kind of work. It's important for helping people.

echoqual 3 years ago

I'm glad this survey speaks to you! If you filled out the survey to the end, one of our representatives should be in contact with you shortly. Thank you!

accioxtacos 3 years ago

I don't think a survey more suited to my life has ever existed lol. I'm currently waiting to hear back on a new psych referral after yet another medication caused me unbearable side effects. Hope I get to participate!

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